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Month: May 2017

Detective and Criminal Investigator

Detectives investigate crimes. They also search for and apprehend criminals. Unlike patrol officers, detectives spend their days following up on crimes that have already been committed, as opposed to actively patrolling to prevent crime. When first called out to investigate a case, a criminal investigator can expect to work long hours. It is imperative to gather as much fresh evidence as possible and to track every fresh lead as soon as practical.

“A criminal investigator then turns evidence over to a forensics specialist for evaluation. An investigator often interviews people who are related to the case to gain more information. This might include witnesses and family and friends of the suspect. CIs study records, observe suspicious activities or suspects, and help with raids and arrests. As an investigator gains experience his or her responsibilities increase, which may include promotion to a supervisory position.” Read More..

Detective and Criminal Investigator Career and Salary Profile

Detectives and criminal investigators must keep thorough records of investigations and maintain all pertinent documents. Preparing reports that detail their findings is a significant part of their work duties, as is collaborating with other departments and agencies to compare and exchange information. Additional aspects of this profession include determining the scope, timing and direction of criminal investigations, and testifying in court or before grand juries.

“Detectives and criminal investigators in the public service environment typically require no additional certification or licensing apart from their law enforcement badge. In order to earn that badge however law enforcement detectives and investigators must meet stringent standards of personal conduct and may undergo polygraph investigations and background checks in order to gain employment at the higher levels of criminal investigations.” Read More.

Criminal investigators have the opportunity of private sector employment. Criminal investigators have also the option to rise through the ranks within a division to provincial commander and above. Here you can find the information detective vs. criminal investigator to visit our website.

Brighten Up Your Tennessee Garden with Specialty Grass Seed

If you are thinking about growing grass and creating a beautiful landscape, before making a final decision, you should consider the pros and cons of the various types of grass that are available to you. If you want to brighten up your garden, Kentucky bluegrass seed is quite a good choice. Although it is not native to America, it grows well both in cold and warm climate. This type of grass seed is perfect for homeowners who don’t have much time to take care of their lawn. Kentucky bluegrass is extremely common, especially in humid climates of the states, and it will require as much care as any other common lawn. Read on to learn the benefits of planting Kentucky bluegrass as well as how to choose the best organic grass seed mixtures.

Everything You Need to Know About Kentucky Blue Grass

Although it doesn’t seem that way to the layman’s eye, all types of grass look different. Kentucky bluegrass is often recognized by its boat-shaped tips on its blades. Since it usually grows two feet in height, it often requires being well-trimmed by mowing. Depending on the length of the day, this type of grass can grow in spurts. So, during one month, it can grow extremely quick, while another it could just stop growing for no apparent reason.

It is best to grow this type of grass in the late spring. However, if you want to create your lawn earlier, this is also possible, but it will require specialty seed. To ensure you get the best results possible for your lawn, three pounds of seeds will be required for every 1,000 square feet of land that you are planting on. As with other types of grass, Kentucky bluegrass also requires maintenance. When it has been first planted, it will need to be watered around two to three times per day. You should water it this way at least during the couple next weeks. Obviously the amount of water you’ll use to water your lawn depends on the weather conditions. As soon as you seen the seeds sprouting, you can then cut back on watering the grass. Many people think that this type of grass requires a lot of maintenance, but that is not the truth. If you get a quality organic grass seed and create the perfect blend  for your lawn, you won’t have to spend that much time watering and maintaining your lawn. However, even though high-quality grass seed helps the grass to stay healthy and durable, you have to water it whenever you can. If you don’t do it as often as you should, it will dry and die. Have in mind that this grass type needs at least two inches of water per week to stay fit, healthy and thriving. Despite some issues you may experience with this type of grass, Kentucky bluegrass is very popular and number one choice of many homeowners all around the United States. If you really want to create a beautiful lawn that will brighten up your garden and beautify your home, you have to invest your time in that lawn. So, as long as you know what you are letting yourself in for, it can be a really good choice to have and it will definitely make your lawn look fantastic.

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