Have you recently been a victim of a car accident? You are not sure whether you need to hire the lawyer to handle your car insurance claims or you do not have to do that as the insurance company can solve your problems.

How To Determine Whether You Will Need the Help of an Attorney?

If you and the other party were  not injured in the accident, you will not have to hire an attorney to deal with your claims. If you have only suffered some small injuries that do not prevent you from performing your everyday life activities normally, and that can heal in a week, then there is no need for hiring an auto accident attorney as your insurance company can solve your problems and take care of all your troubles and help you with car repairs, pay your medical bills and solve other financial issues. If you want to receive a settlement for some minor injuries for which the medical bills were not so high, then you should know that claims of this size are considered to be the small claims and hiring the lawyer to assist your in the process of a settlement would be a waste of money. So, if there are no some serious issues, then you can avoid hiring the lawyer and hope that your insurance company will pay an adequate amount of money to cover all your expenses occurred as the result of this accident and the lost wages and damages caused to your vehicle.

However, if you have been severely injured in the accident and your medical bills are extremely high, then you should hire a good and experienced auto accident attorney such are those from Ken Nugent who are considered to be the best Attorneys in Albany Georgia and if you cannot get enough money from your insurance company this will probably be the best solution for you in this case.

What Should You Do and How the Lawyer Can Help You?

In such circumstances, you should not wait for consulting with a lawyer first. You should avoid spending too much much time trying to negotiate with the insurer as this, and their insight into your medical records will only give them an opportunity to build a case against you and make it difficult for your attorney or even prevent him/her from obtaining your case and the right compensation for your losses.

By hiring the attorney in time, you will increase your chances of obtaining your compensation. An attorney will determine what is the best for you and whether you should take the case to court or try to settle out of court. He/she will be there for you and ready to provide you with any advice and information concerned with the process and answer all your questions and lead you properly through the process. He/she will collect the evidence that might be of use for obtaining the case and fight for your rights until you finally get what you deserve.

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